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Winterizing Your Home for Optimal Heating and Energy Costs

When the leaves start to fall from the trees, it is time to start prepping your home for cooler temperatures. As many Mid-South homeowners know, the cooler months come with cold wind and rain, sleet, and the occasional snowfall.  

Now is the perfect time to winterize your home and here are somethings you can do to stay warm and save on your energy bills. Your heating system should be checked every season by a licensed HVAC company such as Memphis Air Conditioning and Heating for efficiency and safety from carbon monoxide. Systems that are older may not heat your home efficiently and may also be unsafe for your family. Here are a few other items you may check to ensure you get the most out of your heating system this fall and winter season. 

  • – Caulking outside your home is one of the best ways to stop cold air from making its way into your home. Cracks, holes, and open seams should be filled with an acrylic-latex caulk or expanding foam sealant.  It is most important to cover the areas around windows, doors, faucets, and where siding overlaps the foundation of the home.  
  • – Weather stripping should be placed around all exterior doors. It should be replaced if there are any areas where the stripping has been compromised. You should not be able to see sunlight around doors. It you do, it is important to raise the threshold or install a door sweep. To test for draft leakage, you may take a lit incense stick and run around the door. If the smoke comes in at any given point, that place will need to be covered.   
  • – It is important to change your furnace filter as everyone knows to protect us against allergens and dust that may be in the air throughout your home, but it is especially important to change every two months during the winter. A dirty filter will restrict airflow and limit the heat radiating through your home and reducing its efficiency.  
  • – A Programmable thermostat is a smart option if you have a regular schedule. When you are away from the home, the thermostat may be set to a lower temperature. It may be programmed to raise the temperature in your home 30 minutes prior to you and your family returning home. It may also be programmed to be turned down at night while everyone is sleeping. This saves on your energy costs. Most programmable thermostats may now be controlled from a smart phone or tablet for your convenience.  
  • – Your home may lose heat to drafts around electrical outlets. Electrical outlet gaskets may be purchased and placed under the cover plate. This will cut down on any drafts from the outlet space. 
  • – Ceiling fans have a switch at the base to allow the homeowner to change the direction of the fan. In the summer, the fan blows clockwise to blow air down and cool off a room. In the winter, the fan is switched to counterclockwise to blow air up and forcing warm air at the ceiling level to the floor.  

Most importantly, it is important to call a licensed HVAC provider to inspect your home prior to the cold weather to ensure your home is safe and cozy for the winter months.  Memphis Air Conditioning and Heating is here for you. Call for your appointment today! 

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