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Changing Your Air Conditioner Filter

August, 2020

We in Memphis are experiencing the dog days of Summer. Now, it is more important than ever to be using your air conditioner. It is also more important than ever to have your AC running efficiently. That is where changing your AC filter comes into play.  

Why It Is Vital to Change Your Air Conditioner Filter? 

Your air conditioner filter’s purpose is to keep dust and debris out of your HVAC equipment and to provide you with clean air to circulate throughout your home. Let’s examine why changing your filter at regular intervals is so important: 

  • If dust and debris get inside the elements of your heating and cooling system, this will cause a breakdown of parts and ultimately, your entire system.  
  • A clogged filter prohibits airflow and will cause your system to run inefficiently, causing breakdown or continuous running, leading to higher energy bills. 
  • Leaving a dirty filter in your system prohibits clean air circulation and could possibly lead to illness. 

How to Change Your Air Conditioner Filter 

The MOST important thing about changing your AC filter is to ensure the proper size for your unit. If you are in doubt about what size filter to use, you can always check with your AC technician at Memphis AC and Heating or it is printed on the side of the existing filter. If you are searching for a filter to help with seasonal allergies and protect against mold or other harmful air contaminants, you may purchase a HEPA filter with a MERV rating of 10 or above.  

  • Turn off the power to your unit. This is for your safety as well as well as the safety of the equipment. It is important to turn off the power at the circuit breaker as well. 
  • Slide the old filter out of the system. 
  • Check your old filter. If you are not able to see light through it or if it is caked with dust or dirt, it is time to change it out. Climate or smog may determine how often you need to change the filter. It is important to check monthly to ensure cleanliness and proper function of the unit. 
  • Dispose of the dirty filter. It is best to place it in a plastic bag and tie it off to avoid contamination to other parts of your home and then place it in an outside trash can. 
  • Replace the old filter with the new filter. Ensure the arrows are facing the proper direction upon installation.  Make sure that the arrow points away from the return. 

When to Change Your Air Filter 

  • During peak seasons, i.e. Summer and Winter, it is important to change your filter every month due to the frequency of use by your system. 
  • During off-peak seasons, you should change your filter once every 3 months. 

As with any maintenance, if you don’t feel comfortable changing out your filter, call your technician at Memphis AC and Heating. It is also important to speak with your tech about preventative maintenance to keep your unit working at an optimum level.  

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